Translation of Diploma, Transcript, Degree

BBT is an American translation agency that offers certified translation of personal documentation such as diplomas and degrees, transcripts, academic records, certificate of completion and many other personal documentation, for foreign nationals pursuing immigration to the United States and applying for visas, green cards, and naturalization.

We offer certified translation in many languages such as Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and more for any purpose. Our translations can be submitted to government agencies, employment, higher education institutions such as universities and colleges in the USA.

BBT Translation Services also can help you by providing accurate, Certified and Notarized translations of any documents required by the USCIS (formerly known as the INS) or State Department. We guarantee their full acceptance by these agencies. Having extensive experience in dealing with these and other US government agencies we know exactly what type of full and formatted translation is needed.

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When you hire us to do your certified translation of your diploma and transcript you can be sure that you will get a professional translation done by experienced translators who are proficient in the process of certified translations of official documents. We follow the standards required in the United States for certified translations and we guarantee their acceptance.

How to begin the process of translation?

E-mail us a nice image of your document and we will get back to you very soon with a quote.