Our certified translations come with a certificate of accuracy signed and stamped and a notary signature is available.


Hire us to translate your documents for the USCIS. Our translations are formatted as a mirror image of your documents.


When you order from us you can be sure that your translations will be accepted the first time you submit them.


When you call us - if you need assistance over the phone for your translations from Hebrew to English as well as Spanish to English we are glad to assist you in your language.


We keep the information that we learn within the scope of our work with our customers in the strictest confidentiality.

We are members of ATA

We are members of ATA - American Translators Association and we follow their standards for certified translations.

We are located in the United States of America and we provide professional translation service for the US Immigration - USCIS.
We are members of ATA - American Translators Association and our certified translations bear the logo of the ATA.
We offer translations in more than 70 languages such as Hebrew, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions about certified translations

What is the process for ordering a translation?

We need to get from you the following:

  • The document that you want to translate. We don't need the original.
  • The correct spelling of the names in English as they appear in a passport.
  • The date when the translations are due.
  • Your telephone number and mailing address.

Are the translations certified and notarized?

Our translations bear an Affidavit of Accuracy signed by the translator. We do offer notarization on the affidavit.

Will the translations be accepted by the USCIS?

We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association. The logo of the ATA is inserted in our letterhead. Your translation will be inserted in our letterhead. Any entity that requires a certified translation in the United States accepts our translations. We guarantee acceptance!


We undertake to keep all the information that we learn within the scope of our work with your documents in the outmost confidentiality. If needed we can sign a confidentiality agreement.